Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil
Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil
Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil

Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil

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Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil  is the perfect oil and can be used as Beard, Hair or Bikini Oil. It's delicious, sensual, healing and restorative and the aroma is enticingly delicious. The organic base oil blend I used in this body oil are known to promote restoration and healing. I've chosen these specific base oils for their: 
  • Vitamin E content
  • healing properties
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • ability to moisturize and soften the hair making it look shiny and groomed

If you have trouble with ingrown hairs, itchy, flaky skin, under and around your beard, on your scalp or after you get a wax, and/or unruly and dry hair, you would definitely benefit from using Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil as a Hair conditioning product that will make your hair and skin look and feel healthy as well as protecting them from the elements.

Additionally, this oil contains the powerful essential oils of Vanilla and Mandarin that add additional properties! Vanilla is known for its powerful aphrodisiac properties. It has been used as a perfume as soon as it was discovered! It was used as an aphrodisiac dating back to the Mayan and Aztec people! Judging by its popularity as a fragrance in almost everything, vanilla has that secret something that draws us in. It simultaneously induces euphoria and relaxation. 

To put it mildly, people are simply drawn in by the rich, warm and seductive natural notes of Vanilla, Mandarin and other natural ingredients used to enhance sexual attraction.

*Your hair/skin should not feel greasy or oily, if it does, shampoo and use less product in the future. You will be able to determine the correct amount that works best for your personally. I recommend starting with a few drops and working up as needed.

*Always test a small patch of skin prior to using to ensure you have no adverse reactions. There are nut oils in this blend.

1oz Glass Bottle with dropper